Learn The Nines Multiplication Table in Less Than Five Minutes!

By Meera Dolasia on November 12, 2007


Want to impress your teacher with your multiplication skills?   All you have to do is watch the video below, which teaches you how to master the nines table in less than five minutes!

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  • monkeyshine
    my teacher said to hold up your hand and count by 9's so um... 1x9=9 2x9=18 and 3x9=27 and so on
    • otter
      cool! i just know that you subtract one from the second number (to get the the first digit) and then the second nuumber is whatever 9 minus the first digit is.
      • rainbowunicorn
        this tip helped me learn them but now I know them by heart
        • legocreator
          it helpt a little.....
          • iheartmyfamily
            I already know my multiplication facts and I am in the 5th grade
          • Austinomongoose2/7/2014
            I knew that a long time ago
            • rebeccarockquiz
              been known that i didn't have to do that i memorized 0-20 x facts
              • doctorwho
                I have learned this from this video so this is very useful.
                • kittyc
                  I did this for my current event, and everybody loved it!
                  • rainbowanimal
                    I knew this trick for a pretty long time

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