Merry Christmas! - Now let's fight!

By Meera Dolasia on December 30, 2007

While most people, sit back and relax after a big Christmas meal, residents of Peru like to work it off with a friendly fistfight. The traditional festival known as Takanakuy or 'fighter' starts with dancing and a religious procession.

After that instead of exchanging gifts, people exchange fistfights. These bare-knuckled, free kicking fights are supervised by local government officials and are meant to allow participants to let our all their pent (built) up anger in a safe environment. The best part is, there is no age or gender limitation - Kids, men and women of all ages can join in the fun.

So if Santa forgot to bring you that special toy on your list, go ahead - take a flight to Peru and go at it! 

Have fun watching the video of this quirky and fun festival!

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  • Patrick12/6/2011
    That is an amazing way to work off those extra pounds from Christmas dinner. But even if I was in Peru my mom would never let me fight even with goverment officals supervising.
    • deanna12/6/2011
      I learned that people in Peru fight when they don't get the present they were looking for and some people fight to let all their anger out!
      • amanda4/15/2012
        i went to peru for christmas, since my step-dad is from there, and i NEVER saw ANYONE fist-fight.
        • zebralove
          That' very strange!
          • borntoplay
            I'm the same person as amanda, just now with a profile, and it's not like that at all.
        • tomatepodrido
          what!!! so that means that when peru people have christmas,they say :merry chrismas!!! and they start to FIGHT?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
          • speedster
            i know. is that crazy
          • shock12
            wow, they want to fight?
            • fghjklloooiuytr3/18/2013
              that is awsome
              • dsnyder619
                This is awesome but bad. I LOVE IT!
                • jedriel55
                  awsome i am going to go there min yeah dudu
                  • jedriel55
                    that is awsome
                    • leliana3/24/2014
                      not cool but cool did any of you see the new barbie movie the pearl princess i did when i went to Ohio and it was so good i would tell you to watch it because i actually i watched all of the barbie movies i know it was out of the topic but i am just out of my mind*!

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