Mmmm.....Yummy eggs ! - Oops They Are Golf Balls!

By Meera Dolasia on January 3, 2008

This greedy python in Brisbane, Australia mistook four golf balls for eggs and quickly devoured them. The golf balls had been left in the chicken coop by the owners to try encourage the hens to lay more eggs.

Instead the couple came out to find the balls gone and a lumpy-looking python lying nearby. The couple quickly rushed the 32-inch non-poisonous carpet python, to a nearby veterinarian, who had to perform surgery to remove the balls.

The snake left such an impression on the veterinarian, Michael Pyne, that he decided to name him "Augusta", after the club that hosts the Masters golf championships. 

While the snake is making a speedy recovery, it received 10 stitches and had to spend four days in the hospital. Additionally, it will need a month's rehabilitation (healing), before it can be let out in the wild again.

Enjoy the video below - notice the X-Ray which, shows the four golf balls sitting in the tummy!


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  • Kiki 1/22/2014
    • lol4/7/2014
      thats amazing dudes
      • kell-bell
        ouch! poor snake!
        • kell-bell
          • braste
            • yellew
              • rozeb
                Oh wow. I would "love" to see that in person. Not really. I was being sarcastic.
                • ravermccare
                  Obviously, because no one would actually want to see that
                • rozeb
                  Also, that poor snake. hamster, tell your sister to look at this.
                  • ravermccare
                    HOW DO you, otter and hamster know each other so well?
                  • Snake man5/28/2014
                    :[ I LOVE SNAKES i have five at home they are ball pythons mines name is fluffy
                    • Maximum ride5/29/2014
                      That is really um............ Strange but poor snake


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