The Happiest Place On Earth Turns Spooooky!

By Meera Dolasia on October 13, 2008

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They may be the happiest places on Earth during the day, but in September and October, both Disneyland and Disneyworld turn spooky at night. Welcome to Disney's Not-So-Scary Trick or Treat party. Held at both parks on select week days and on weekends, they are a great way to jump start your Halloween celebrations.

The fun begins at 7.30pm (6.30 on weekdays), when the day time park visitors are asked to leave and thousands of kids and adults all dressed in Halloween costumes are allowed into the park, decorated with giant glowing Mickey pumpkins, over-sized candy corns, giant spiders, walking scarecrows and pirates. Projected images of bats and pumpkins follow revelers all through the park

Armed with a plastic treat bag and a special Mickey's trick-or treat guide map, children and adults can hit the treat stations dishing our unlimited amounts of miniature nestle and snickers bars, leafy taffy, Hershey's kisses and lollipops.

Don't like candy? - No problem. Each of the stations also has healthy treats like carrots, raisins, apple slices or even fruit leather.

In between picking up the treats, party goers can also go on rides, most of which are open.

Along the way, they get to meet and take pictures with their favorite Disney characters, all dressed in their spookiest clothes.

Even Peter Pan and Wendy are present to help little hands create a Halloween craft or two.

If this isn't enough excitement, there is even a dance floor where families can boogie to the beat of Grim Grinning Ghosts and Pink Elephants on Parade. At the end of the nearly three-hour extravaganza, is of course the famous Disney Parade, where all the dressed-up characters parade along with two humongous moving Jack-O-Lanterns.

Sounds like great fun doesn't it? For additional information on these events check out the theme parks websites at and


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  • Cordellia4/9/2014
    • kkg
      how is it scary its just mickey
    • edmodo-texadnw9es
      • Dora rocks3/10/2014
        My parents said I am to young to go there because I might get scared. I am in pre-k
        • news repor2/26/2014
          Not scary at all
          • news repor2/26/2014
            That's just probably for little kids to be scared
            • Ghoulgirl1007/26/2013
              I am way too old to go to Disneyland, but this "scary" thing makes me think that place is just fang-tastic!
              • philosophy7/4/2013
                it could be a little bit more scary.
                • legend-of-zelda
                  Doesn't sound sounds kinda fun? eh idk
                  • imdabomb
                    I dont think its scary...just maybe for little kids
                    • cahill74
                      at first when I saw the title I thought some happy place was "haunted"



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