You Call This A Tree House?

By Meera Dolasia on September 10, 2008

When John Peterson promised his two kids a tree house, he had no intention of building them a luxurious 200 sq ft mansion. But one thing led to another and his plans and aspirations got bigger and voila - three years later, the Peterson kids have a tree house that is turning into a tourist destination in the town of Onalaska, Wisconsin.

The two-storey house has everything a kid (or even an adult could ever dream of). Instead of a rope ladder, this mansion can be entered via a spiral staircase, and that is just the beginning. Inside, is a trap door and two loft rooms connected by a swing bridge. There are real doors and windows and even two skylights, and if you need more fresh air, a deck you can hang out on.

Having a sleepover? - No problem, the tree house is connected to electricity and has eight lights and eight power outlets, just in case you want to bring along that Game Boy or Nintendo DS. The only thing missing? - Running water - but showers are so over-rated anyway!

And John did want to connect the tree house to the water supply. However, his wife Sue, who has been watching John work on this project for the last three years, thought that was really going overboard and put a stop to it.

John admits that he did get a little carried away, but the house is so much fun, that it was definitely worth the effort.


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  • brainman54
    I never knew that a huge tree house in Wisonsin.
    • i6/2/2014
      watch tree house masters
      • dowen
        wow big treeeeeeeeeeeeee house
        • rainbow3/3/2014
          • matthewauburn103/3/2014
            thats not a tree house its just a tall house or a really small tree
            • giana222443/3/2014
              • yoyo3/3/2014
                sooooooo cooooool man
                • yoyo3/3/2014
                  i love that can i get one
                  • headream100
                    I need that and it's so NOT boring cause I love tight spaces. They would give me a room so small an adult would barely fit and I will LUV IT!!!!! That's how much I love tight spaces and small houses like this tree house!
                    • headream100
                      Oops, huge mistake. This tree house is HUGE!!!!!!
                    • i am awsome1/5/2014
                      this is boring


                      Onalaska, WI, USA

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