And Sold! To Three-Year Old Pipi. . . .?!

By Meera Dolasia on May 25, 2009

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Has your  younger brother or sister ever clicked away aimlessly on the computer, and accidentally lost your carefully typed homework?  Well then, you will be able to relate to three-year old Pipi Quinlan, who recently did that - except in her case, she ended up being the proud owner of a Kobelco Earth Digger!

The whole incident happened early morning, last week. While the rest of the family slept, little Pipi who lives with her family in the quiet town of Stanmore Bay in New Zealand, decided to surf the web. Luckily for her, mom had been bidding for toys on popular Internet auction site 'Trade Me', the previous night and had forgotten to sign off. Pipi, who had seen mom do it often enough, decided to complete the bidding process for her!

When Sarah Quinlan looked at her computer screen later on in the morning, she noticed she had won a digger and assumed it was just one of the toys she had bid on, the previous night - that is until she checked her e-mail, and saw the bill for a whopping 20,000 New Zealand Dollars (about $12,300 USD). Little Pipi had not bid on a toy, but a real 20-ton earth digger.

The panicked mom immediately called the Website and the seller to explain the slight mistake - Luckily for her, they understood and while the seller was not happy at having to re-list the mover, he let her off the hook.

Needless to say, New Zealand's youngest auction winner is out of the game and off the computer. She'll have to settle for a scale model of her winning bid. Do you have any fun computer stories to share with us? If so be sure to add your comments below.,

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  • kelly4/3/2011
    wow everyone i had that happen to me alot and i have 2 brothers so that is crazy
    • Georgia peach2/1/2011
      many of my reports (some many pages long) have been deleted my my now seven year old brother i know how destructive little ones can be
      • Georgia peach2/1/2011
        many of my reports (some many pages long) have been deleted my my now seven year old brother i know how destructive little ones can be
        • Miku12/23/2010
          • puppy12/20/2010
            oh my
            • wow 12/16/2010
              thats wierd!!!! not the story but the comment about my little 14 year old cuz.
              • Gomez!12/7/2010
                Whats a digger thingy?
                • bando12/6/2010
                  • Emmie11/22/2010
                    Maybe I should be more careful when my three year old cousin is on the computer...
                    • Lucky10/13/2010
                      That's :P




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