The Harry Potter Inspired 'Wand' Remote

By Meera Dolasia on November 25, 2009

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Always envied Harry Potter's ability to whip out his wand and make magic happen? Now you too can do the same, with the new Kymera Wand.

Impress your friends and family by 'magically' turning on the television, DVD player, stereo system, lights or even drawing up the curtains, with a mere swoosh of the wand.

The realistic looking remote-wand, is the brainchild of two British men, Chris Barnardo and Richard Blakesley, who were inspired, after seeing how enthralled the world was, with the Harry Potter series.

The wand that requires two AAA batteries and uses a technology similar to cell phones, has a built in smart chip, that detects and interprets hand movements.

It can be programmed to perform 13 commands using different gestures. For example, the volume can be adjusted with just flick of a wrist, while changing a channel can be done with a much more elaborate gesture.

You can even add some magical spells like ' Engorgio' or 'Evanesco' and maybe your television may even double in size or simply vanish - Harry Potter style!

To make the whole experience as 'Harry Potter' like as possible, the Kymera wand is wrapped in faux dragon skin-like paper, and enclosed inside a beautiful black box - one that any wizard would be proud to be seen with.

While the wand costs a whopping $100 USD, the two men have managed to sell 10,000 of them in less than ten weeks, with orders are coming in from countries ranging from Mexico to Japan. However, more than half of them have come from . . . . . .You guessed it, the USA!   To get our own magic wand or to just check out the really cool site go to,

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  • geronimo
    one of my classmates reads a lot of harry potter books!she is a fan of harry potter!
    • 04135678
      i have it it cool
      • roadrunner2
        IWANT IT SO BADLY OMG how much for it !
        • taliar
          I WANT IT SO BADLY!!!!!!
          • ravenhoot
            Harry Potter is awesome.
            • kayoscolony
              I want it........more than mcbuilder.......
              • mcbuilder
                i have let me think... 1... 2... 3... 4... 5! wands already but i would love one like that!
                • mandygar12345
                  I already have a custom made wand from olivannder himself!!!
                • Hermione1/12/2014
                  I really need that wand!
                  • Awesome1/12/2014




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