Video Of The Week - Wildlife Safari's Talented Elephants

By Meera Dolasia on December 14, 2009

Tired of the same old tame car wash services? Then it's time to head to Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon where resident nellies, George, Tiki and Alice will be happy to do the job.

The services of the three African Elephants, that take turns interacting with the guests, costs only $20USD and according to the park officials is 'Guaranteed NOT to have your car clean!' - However, they seem to be having a lot of fun splashing around with the water, making it worth every penny!


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  • cupcake8/18/2014
    thets so funny
    • cz
      lol I need to tell my parents to get a carwash there
      • Brian5/5/2014
        I thought it was 3 elephants??? looool!!!!
        • nobody1/31/2013
          I wanna get my car washed by an elephant
          • 4pharkins
            That's amazing
            • sparklecat5
              that is sooo cool and funny!
              • J.A10/11/2012
                I WANT THAT ELEPHANT IT WHASH MY CAR!!!! :)
                • ac10/9/2012
                  I wish the elephent would wash my mom's car
                  • PW10/9/2012
                    I wish that elephant would wash my car.
                    • jjrock9/23/2012
                      That is so awsome!


                      Winston, OR, USA

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