Inventors Showcase Their Cool (And Wacky) Creations

By Meera Dolasia on April 5, 2009

Inventors from around the World are currently convened in Geneva,  Switzerland, showcasing their creations at the 37th International Exhibition of Inventions. The annual event, which ended today, attracted over 700 exhibitors and included private individuals, corporations and universities. 

The exhibition attracts over 72,000 visitors each year and is considered to be the best place for inventors to get the attention of large corporations. It is estimated that over 45 percent of the exhibitors succeed in getting their ideas licensed or funded.

Among the most innovative inventions this year, was a little device to save babies from suffocating and dying in their sleep. The brainchild of ten-year old Rada Al-Khlifi from Saudi Arabia, the small transmitter monitors the baby's heartbeat and warns the guardian if anything is amiss.

Chinese inventor Anding Zhou, also came up with a really cool idea with his four-wheeled children's scooter that runs sideways. As the picture demonstrates, the rider places one foot at each end. Then, steering with the handlebars located on either side, he or she can push the pedals and cruise around.

Among the more bizarre ideas was a dog toilet - a device that resembled a treadmill that was connected to pressurized water and the sewage system. Inventor Phillip Glimes from Spain, said he came up with the idea by combining his love for the treadmill and his training as a professional cleaner.

Another really wacky idea was a knot-less balloon, invented because not everybody could figure out how to tie a balloon and even if they could, most people's fingers hurt after the fact. Oh and how about this for the ladies, a spring-mounted high-heel shoe, to reduce the stress on the legs, while wearing them.

And for all of you lazy tennis players - someone came up with a device that resembles a lawnmower, but instead of cutting grass, it picks up balls - pretty nifty!,,

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  • Cracrakid2/18/2014
    That's kinda cra cra
    • susie
      • Padfoot9/19/2013
        Weird how these many inventions are made in just one day!
        • Katniss4/11/2013
          • Notch4/11/2013
            this dosnt make since to me
            • krinster1234/11/2013
              i want some heels
              • kara4/11/2013
                why would you guys want this, these things are useless!
                • BOB4/11/2013
                  • laa9876
                    • no name2/1/2012
                      that shoe is borring



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