Beard Team USA Dominate The 'Olympics' Of Beard And Moustache Competition

By Meera Dolasia on May 29, 2009

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On May 23rd, more than 300 men from 15 countries gathered in Anchorage, Alaska to compete in the 9th World Beard and Moustache Championships. The vastly diverse group, representing 13 countries, all had one thing in common - carefully coiffured full or partial beards and/or moustaches.

Considered the 'Olympics' of all such competitions, participants in this fun event, can enter in one of 18 categories, which range from 'Dali' style moustaches to 'Musketeer' partial beards to 'Freestyle' full beards.

The biennial event started by a beard club in Germany, has become so popular worldwide, that it is now held in different locations and attended by people from all over the world. However, the German men have always dominated the competition  . . . . . Until this year !

Beard Team USA showed that they too could grow facial hair as well, if not better than the Germans. They dominated the competition by winning 12 of the 18 category titles, as well as, the overall tile, which went to local Alaskan, David Traver, for his fancy beard that was styled to resemble an Alaskan snowshoe! While a German competitor won the overall silver, the bronze went to San Francisco resident, Jack Passion, who sported a long red-haired natural beard.

Germany came in a distant second with just 5 gold medals, while England, Netherlands and Switzerland all went home with one apiece. The winners received engraved Alaskan Gold Pans for their facial hair prowess.

But whether they won or lost, the competitors all had a grand time comparing their beard and moustache growing strategies and are looking forward to meeting again at the next championships which will be held in Norway in 2011. To see more fun pictures of the winners, check out:,,

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  • dud10/29/2010
    thats sick dude!!!
    • dudet10/29/2010
      they are all soooo immature!!!
      • headream100
        They're not immature, thank you very much, they're just growing beards or mustaches. You can't just say they're immature because of that! I bet they are as sophisticated as all of us. They're not barbarians or something.
      • DIVA123/5/2011
        I didn't know there was such a thing as beard clubs. Do they have clubs for great styles for girls with long hair?
        • masuma2/9/2012
          interesting. long beard!
          • mika7/9/2012
            totally weird but kinda cool
            • lollol
              • kevin5/31/2013
                this is totes amazing more amazing than unicorns thats pretty amazing!
                • Name5/31/2013
                  haha this is hilarious
                  • nana banana7/9/2013
                    Amazing but totally weird
                    • headream100
                      Some of them look extra fluffy.




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