This Cabbie Has Use For Only One Gear - Reverse

By Meera Dolasia on August 22, 2009

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If you ever happen to visit the northern state of Punjab in India, you may encounter a strange sight - A taxi that drives only in one direction - backwards!

30-year old Harpreet, who lives in the small town of Bhatinda in Punjab, had his first 'reverse' driving encounter when coming back from a party in 2003. With his front gears stuck, the only way he could get home, was by driving in reverse.

He enjoyed the experience so much that he re-christened his taxi 'Back Gear Champion', and redesigned the gearbox, so that it has four reverse gears and only one forward. In order to warn unsuspecting pedestrians and cars, he has installed an ambulance siren that blares through the streets, as he drives.

Harpreet, who says he wanted to do something unique, is now a veteran reverse driver, who zips around the dusty and busy streets of his small town at speeds of up to 50mph - with surprisingly no casualties. In fact, his driving record is so clean that he recently received a license to 'reverse' drive in the entire state of Punjab.

However, there is one downside to this strange way of driving - It does cause a 'crink' in poor Harpreet's neck and his back is starting to hurt from the constant turning. But the young man, who believes that one has to work hard to achieve anything special, continues to do what he loves and nothing will convince him to stop.,

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      • cornhuskerz1/3/2011
        that would be realy,realy hard!!
        • Amarellis Winthrop8/31/2009
          Wow! What an amazing article!It would be amazingly amazing!
          • emma bean8/29/2009
            totally awsome




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