Video Of The Week - Artist Sketches Amazing Pen Portraits

By Meera Dolasia on November 14, 2011

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Drawing any portrait is difficult enough. Now imagine how hard it would be to not only draw an exact replica of one as famous at The Mona Lisa or The Girl With A Pearl Earring, but do so, without lifting the tip of your pen.

Singapore-base art director and designer Chan Hwee Chong not only drew both beautifully, but did so with such ease that it almost seems like magic!  Oddly enough, the whole endeavor was not to showcase his amazing talent, but an advertisement for Faber-Castell's PITT Artists Pens. Pretty Amazing!


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  • dishwasherqueen6/18/2014
    • haha6/18/2014
      looks like a dishwasher
      • Artist at Work6/17/2014
        • Taco loco 4/20/2014
          • Lily1/13/2014
            Looks like fun but hard
            • Jessica12/22/2013
              I really want to learn how to make that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              • jessica12/21/2013
                That is really cool. How can that be possible
                • Jacqueline12/19/2013
                  this is amazing!!!!! i'm an artist myself and i actually do think i can do this. i NEVER want to get my eyes off the paper i'm working on. not even for a split second. i am always occupied when i am drawing. nothing can stop me. i have a drawing journal that i draw in and can i just say, that my drawings are the best iv'e ever seen. but of course people can debate on that. i draw graffiti words, drawings of horses, portraits, landscapes and much much much more!!!!!! i love to draw soooooooooo much. it is a great thing to do while on the road to somewhere. this Mona Lisa portrait is amazing and i love it so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so muchhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this it a top rated topic on DOGO!!!!!!
                  • meepsy
                    Deatha, I dose that!!!
                    • deatha
                      Ok ... Weird who dose that!



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