Lyndon Baty Enjoys School Through His 'Avatar'

By Meera Dolasia on February 7, 2011

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One of the best things about going to school is the chance to chill out with friends. Therefore, you can only imagine how life has been for Lyndon Baty, who suffers from Polycystic Kidney disease, a disorder that has weakened his immune system so much, that he has to spend most of his day in isolation. However, things are finally looking up for this high-school freshman, thanks to his 'Avatar' - Vgo.

However, before you start envisioning a 'green' alien-like creature walking the halls of Knox City High School, take note that Vgo is not a figment of James Cameron's imagination, but a 4-ft. tall chrome and steel robot, fitted with a television screen.

Essentially a two way audio/video mobile communications system, Vgo allows Lyndon to experience school life on an day-to-day basis and, interact real time with his teachers and friends, without pysically being there. The best part is, that since the robot is mobile and has a battery life of eight hours, Lyndon can also hang with his friends during breaks, in the school cafeteria, as well as,  the playground.

Though this technology, developed by VGO communications, has provided a new lease on Lyndon's life, it was originally developed for use in manufacturing plants to monitor production or for doctors to watch the health of elderly patients who are living independently. Luckily for the young boy, an enterprising salesperson called the school officials to demonstrate the technology. While he was not sure how the school could benefit from it, the educators at Knox High School knew exactly what to do - And, they are thrilled with the outcome.

While Lyndon is currently the only person who is using the $6,000 USD Vgo in school, we are sure it will become more popular as people find out about it and, see how well it is working. As for Lyndon, it gives him a reason to wake up each morning and get ready - For his high school does frown upon tardiness, even from an Avatar!


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  • tmnt12/9/2013
    It seems cool two have one
    • botbo11/19/2013
      • lols 11/21/2012
        poor guy :(
        • asdft10/16/2012
          that was cool and a little weird
          • luckymax
            poor him
            • Rachel1412202/21/2012
              good for him!
              • hey
                that is so cool. i want one of those so i wouldn't have to walk around everywhere and not sit in uncomfortable seats all the time. =)
                • doglover
                  what is Polycystic Kidney disease?
                  • JessicaH10/26/2011
                    Technology has taken us so far!!
                    • boboo



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