Chinese Crested Chihuahua Crowned 'World's Ugliest Dog'

By Meera Dolasia on June 29, 2011

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On June 25th, Yoda a Chinese-crested Chihuahua mix, beat out 29 contestants to win the coveted 'World's Ugliest Dog' title. The 14-year old who hails from Hanford,California was voted in by the public who voiced their opinion by texting in - 'American Idol' style!

The tiny canine that weighs a mere 1.8lbs impressed the audience with its sporadic spurts of hair, long hairless legs, protruding tongue and bat-like ears. She belongs to Terry Devine Schumacher, who mistook it for a rat when her daughter found it in a field, over 14 years ago. However, upon realizing it was a dog, they fell in love with the odd-looking puppy and promptly adopted her.

To win the coveted title, Yoda had to surmount some serious competition that included last year's winner, Princess Abby, a fellow Chihuahua named Handsome Hector and, a blind one-eyed pug called Hercules.

Along with the title, Yoda received a trophy 15 times her size, a cash prize of $1,000USD, a one-night stay in a luxurious suite at the Sonoma County Sheraton, as well as, a photo shoot with San Francisco based Nuena Photography, which specializes in dog portraits. And, of course just like any other pageant winner, Yoda will be appearing on talk shows all over the country and presiding over local dog events during her one-year reign.

Now in its 23rd year, the 'Ugliest Dog Contest', which airs live on the Animal Planet channel, is extremely popular not only in the USA, but also, overseas. While it may seem cruel to call anybody or anything 'ugly' it is important to remember that this contest is held just for fun and the contestants come from homes where they are loved and pampered - despite their rather unusual looks - After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


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  • Pat9/16/2014
    That's mean to do have the worlds ugliest dog contest what if that was u
    • hunter429261
      these dogs are so dum
      • monster2003
        i think they get abused
        • animal lover8/18/2014
          these dogs are ugly but they all probably have been in accidents... remember its not about the outside its about the inside. reply if you agree :)
          • tahlia rivera6/23/2014
            oo these dogs are ugly but i feel so sory for them and imagine if that was you :(
            • kahlia6/23/2014
              these dogs are ugly but dont make fun of them! how would u all like it if people tease u about u being ugly?
              • macasorous
                All those dogs are really ugly
                • Dayanara6/9/2014
                  This is ugly but it's is something weird.
                  • torrentialrain1
                    This is cruel. How can you make an article like this? First of all, the pug has a defect called "cherry eye" and is treatable. This isn't ugly! All dogs have a heart! Everyone gets offended when someone calls them ugly... so don't do it to dogs!!! >: (
                    • frozenlover57
                      No dog is born that way! It's called abuse or a puppy defect. Don't hate the players, hate the game. I'm sure that before, some of those dogs were so pretty




                      San Francisco, CA, USA

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