Is This The World's Grumpiest Cat?

By Meera Dolasia on July 23, 2011

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To say that eight-year old Mr. Pip is not a very happy kitty cat, is an understatement. The Burmese Persian crossbreed constantly has a scowl on his face and it's not just the expression - He acts grumpy too!

According to his owner Mrs. Oughton, the cat has been that way ever since she adopted him, about a year and a half ago. The Kings Lynn, Norfolk resident says that there is very little that makes the Mr. Pip happy - He gets grumpy if the weather is too hot or too cold, if it is too noisy, if someone is watching soccer on television and, the list goes on and on . . . .

The one thing he does seem to enjoy, is staring down at the neighborhood dogs - With a sour expression on his face!

In fact, Mrs. Oughton was so worried about Mr. Pip's constant unhappy demeanor that she even took him to the veterinarian to make sure he was not in pain. However, all the doctor did, was confirm her worst fears - Mr. Pip is just a sourpuss! Grumpy or not, Mrs. Oughton thinks her pet is purrfect! Now, if only the Guinness Book of Records had a category for grumpy cats!


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  • connor11/18/2013
    that cat looks so grumpy
    • KeyBoardCat11/18/2013
      KeyBoardCat Says LOL
      • KeyBoardCat11/18/2013
        • Summer11/18/2013
          I love this Cat He is so cute
          • cow11/18/2013
            • awesomeperson11/18/2013
              This cat is SOOOOOOO grumpy... like my parents when they wake up on Monday mornings... lol :)
              • sasukashi
                I'll bet the cat is thinking"Interview yourself, and leave me to sleep."
                • coconut11/4/2013
                  lol soo cute!
                  • polarbear107
                    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!
                  • squirt10/22/2013
                    I like the part where it says purrfect that's cute and funny




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