Why The World's Longest Word Will Never Appear In Any Dictionary Or Record Book!

By Meera Dolasia on November 25, 2012

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Search for the term 'world's longest word' and you probably find Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis - the scientific name for a lung disease commonly referred to as silicosis. While this is technically true because it is the longest word you will ever see published in a dictionary or for that matter in most places, there are many words that believe it or not, are much longer than that.

While the reason they are not published or given any credence is because they are purportedly not 'real' words, it may also be because they are sooooo long that including them would require the creation of a stand-alone edition!

In fact, the real longest word is so lengthy that even we do not dare publish it in its full 189, 819 letters - The only thing we can tell you is that it starts with methionyl . . . and ends with  . . . isoleucine. And incase you are wondering, it took the one person that did dare to say it aloud, a whopping 3.5 hours!

What is even more surprising is that this word is not just a gibberish concoction made up by some crazy person, but a giant protein appropriately dubbed Titin that is made up of 244 unique folded protein domains and also contains the largest number of exons (363) in any single gene. The protein that is used by the body for contraction of striated muscle tissues may not be the most crucial one that we need, but it is not totally worthless either! It is of course better known for its long convoluted scientific name! For those of you curious enough to hear the word aloud, below is the full 3.5 hour video version - test it out and see if you can get through even a tenth of it!

Resources: odditycentral.com,wikipedia.org

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  • flau38/21/2014
    so long like I wouldn't watch the whole video in one day
    • fluffypompoms
      I's touge twisting :-@
      • fluffypompoms
        Sooooooooooooo do that for 10 billion dollars
        • summerfrog
          would do that for 10 billion dollars
          • fluffygirl123
            WOW!!!! Thats a long word
            • Robot voice6/10/2014
              Long word
              • jeter6/2/2014
                i memorized a billion numbers of pi
                • reagan
                  That is even harder than trying to memorize some of pi! (In case you're I got first in my schools pi contest!) :)
                  • spinnypeeps
                    You can't memorize pi- it has infinite numbers. You must have just memorized a part of it.
                  • vonicat
                    I wonder how long it will take to memorise it...
                    • booklover123
                      That's long! who came up with that word anyway?



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