Denmark's Generous Store 'Sells' Chocolates For Good Deeds

By Meera Dolasia on March 31, 2012

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How cool would it be if you could walk into your local confectionery store and pick up a box of candy for just promising to do a good deed! Sounds too good to be true? Not, if you live in Denmark, where the aptly named 'Generous Store' is doing exactly that!

And, it does not handout just any candy either, but one made by famous Danish chocolate company, Anthon Berg. Located in central Copenhagen, the pop-up store, which opened its doors to the public last month, is the brainchild of creative agency Robert/Bison & Like Minded, who came up with the idea as a unique way to advertise the chocolates.

Customers will not notice anything different when they first walk in. Just like any other chocolate store, the Generous Store too, features mouth-watering displays of all its offerings. However, as they look closer they will realize that none of the boxes have price tags. Instead, their tags have good deeds like 'Serve breakfast in Bed''Clean the house for a week', 'Don't lie to your dad for week', etc. etc.

Once the customer decides on the chocolate (and the good deed), they simply take the box and walk over to strategically placed iPad stations. But, instead of swiping their credit card, they log on to their Facebook account and pledge to do the deed stipulated on their candy box on to both their and the receiver's wall. Then they take the chocolate and leave! Given that the company is not going to monitor whether the person follows through on his/her promise, the entire transaction is based on an honor system.

Surprisingly though, thanks to the peer pressure that comes with posting the intention on a venue that all their friends can see, the project has been amazingly successful. Anthon Berg's Facebook page is inundated with gratitude from the receivers of these good deeds.

Though this store will not be open forever, the residents of Copenhagen are sure enjoying both the chocolates and the good deeds for now and, Anthon Berg is definitely garnering a huge amount of publicity throughout the world - A win win for everyone involved!


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  • kell-bell
    that is so great! I am not braging or anything, but that would be easy for me because I am friends with everyone I meet. I am part Danish!
    • aggie
      wow i didnt know the were famous my good deed was get straight a's
      • Josueh2/7/2014
        All in all, this seems like a very smart idea. Indeed, most people will do the good deed not only in an effort of keeping their promise but because they have succumb to peer pressure. No wonder the store is so successful. It is also a good move that the store will not be permanent. It's not like you can make a profit from giving away chocolate.
        • schlindlyneb
          I think this is a really cool store because they give rich and tasty chocolate for free and other stores let you pay for the chocolate and the tasty ones are the most expensive chocolate
          • rayann2/5/2014
            i wish they had this here! i would be nice and doing good deeds all the time to get yummy chocolate
            • amran suliman2/5/2014
              This is a really cool store, they get the money from people posting from their store or signing in through ipad and posting on their facebook page.
              • andreak
                I think that it is a good idea but at the same time what if they go bankrupt because people took advantage of their generosity.
                • Semera2/5/2014
                  It makes me hungry just reading it!
                  • Juan Fonseca2/5/2014
                    The only problem i see is the money for all the chocolate they made a good idea is to make ads on the box so they make some profit for more chocolate.
                    • Angelia Mylroie2/4/2014
                      I don't think the store would close down, because they probably get the money some other way.




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