Video Of The Week - 5th International Pillow Fight Day Is A Roaring Success

By Meera Dolasia on April 9, 2012

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In case you missed it, Saturday April 7th, was International Pillow Fight Day - Yes that's right, a day when thousands of adults and children all over the world got together in their respective cities, to stage a pillow fight against total strangers!

Now in its fifth year, the crazy event is the brainchild of two fun-loving Toronto artists - Kevin Bracken and Lori Kufner, and their organization Newmindspace. Since 2005, the duo has been organizing fun events that cost absolutely nothing - Things like inviting the general public to play capture the flag on city streets, or organizing massive city bubble battles and even, impromptu subway parties.

Whenever they organize any event for the residents of Toronto, they encourage people  living in other cities to do the same - Making the fun activities truly global. This year, over 120 cities ranging from Washington D.C. in the United States to Izmir in Turkey got into the spirit with some rocking pillow fight parties! To see what other fun events the two artists are planning next or to keep tabs on the 2013 International Pillow Fight Day, go to:

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  • Applepie481010/16/2012
    wow! its like a massive SLEEPOVER!!!!!!
    • brunette_swag02
      SO COOL! I love pillow fights!!!! XD
      • Who11/29/2012
        so fun!!!
        • msilva8077
          • laa9876
            AWESOME. Pillow fights are SUPER DUPER AWESOME
            • alaynar
              This is so cool!!!
              • anniec2002
                take about a mess
                • rozeb
                  That is so cool! I will not miss International Pillow Fight Day this year! I will tell my parents that I have to have a pillow fight next April, even though it is in such a long time.
                  • yeoslakers
                    • headream100
                      I want all the feathers and add them to my collection!




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