Video Of the Week - A Dog That Loves . . . . Cabbage?

By Meera Dolasia on August 27, 2012

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We know of dogs who will do anything for a juicy piece of steak. Some with slightly healthier habits will even eat strawberries. But cabbage? That apparently is what this Lemon beagle loves to eat.

Maymo enjoys the leafy vegetable so much, that he tries to steal it whenever he sees one. This time, his owner decided to secretly film the lengths this dog goes through to get to a head of cabbage - The result as you will see, is hilarious!


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  • Bitchibitch4/21/2014
    Cute!!!!! if only my dog ate vegetables
    • Athenasuper4/21/2014
      Man so cute!!!❤️👍😀😍
      • Pawlover 4/16/2014
        Go cabbage
        • i love my dog 4/6/2014
          • i love my dog 4/6/2014
            • tashadtasha
              Just adorable!
              • pepper12345
                I love the end!!! Cute hat!!! :)
              • larabffrosie123
                my dog passed away 5 months dog ( sniffs) love ya dotty
                • that_boy_kenny
                  my dog eats anything
                • cc4/1/2014
                  so funny



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