3rd Grader's Unusual Answer To Math Problem Makes Headlines And Earns An A+

By Meera Dolasia on May 31, 2013

CCSS Grades: K-3 Word Search

On Thursday May 24th, 2013, the third grade class at Columbus Elementary School in Oak Lawn, Illinois, was given a quiz to test their knowledge of multiplication by nines. Among them was nine-year old Maggie Ciara, a normally serious student, who as it turns out has a rather clever sense of humor.

The youngster jotted down the correct answers to all the questions except 9X9, where instead of 81, she put Hossa! Not only did this seem obviously wrong, but also, a little strange. While most teachers would have simply marked it incorrect and deducted a point from the final score, Maggie's teacher Christine Mech, was intrigued and instead circled the answer in red with the question - 'What is this'?

That's when the young girl explained that 81, the correct answer to the math problem, also happened to be the number on the jersey worn by Marian Hossa, the star player of her favorite Ice Hockey team, Chicago Blackhawks

While some teachers would have deducted points extra points for 'cheekiness', Christine thought it was quite smart of Maggie to make the connection and decided to give her credit for the answer and an A+ on the test. Of course, the fact that the teacher herself is a Chicago Blackhawks fan did not hurt either!

Do you think your teacher would be as receptive if you did something similar on a test? Be sure to let us know, by adding your comments below.

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  • maggieciara
    I got the account!!! I can't wait to follow people and see other people follow me. I'm going into 4th grade this year! Cheers, Maggie C.
    • Maggie Ciara8/3/2014
      My test wasn't really that big of a deal. All I did is make a connection. I can't believe that it made it to Dogo News, my favorite place to get news. I like the book reviews the best, though. I'll probably get an account soon. Cheers, Maggie C.
      • :)7/21/2014
        My teacher would never give me an A+ for that.
        • mickey1
          if my math teacher from this school year knew what I meant he would of laughed and marked it wrong
          • tisane
            this girl is smart and I agree that hossa is 81
            • pandabear1919
              wow that little girls parents must be proud
              • suppajayx93
                school is cool
                • via5/25/2014
                  no defiantly not she's lucky
                  • nhea5/1/2014
                    lol. that was funny I will do that in class.!!!!!!!!!!
                    • Raiders5/1/2014
                      Chicago Blackhawks is one of my favorite teams!!!!!!!




                      Oak Lawn, Illinois

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