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Updated on April 24, 2013


We are always on the lookout for fresh current events and new writers.

Type of stuff we look for ?

We’re all about Current Events and News for Kids, so anything that perks your curiosity is game.  Our audience loves reading about Science, Sports, Entertainment, Games, Gadgets and almost anything new you hear about.  We also love stories from around the world – its always fun to learn about other places, people and culture.

Guidelines - below are some guidelines to become a writer.

 we will check your article to make sure it is unique and doesn’t have copied or duplicate content.

:  It should fit within one of our Topic categories (see home page).

Cite:  Clearly list all the research and sources of the information in your article.

Words:  Should be between 700 and 1200 words long.

Send us a brief bio to introduce yourself to our readers


Reputation: Bragging rights for being published on the biggest internet newspaper for kids.  List it on your resume

Author: Get your own Author account on DOGOnews.  See what others say about your article

Link: If you have a blog or website, link back to it from your bio

Pitch your idea first.

We already have a few thousand articles and it’s possible that your article has already been written.

Still interested…

Have your parent or teacher email your article idea and writing sample to [email protected]

Things to note:

  1. DOGOnews’ editors reserve the right to edit your articles as needed and to reject articles that are not appropriate.
  2. By submitting your idea and/or article, you agree that all intellectual property rights of the article are transferred to DOGOnews.

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