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Popular Children's Stories

By Meera Dolasia
Popular Children's Stories

Need something fun to read? Then you will love this site. It has lots of popular stories, picture stories, educational stories and even nursery rhymes in case you are trying to keep your little brother or sister entertained. The best part is, that other kids have rated the stories - so you won't waste your time reading boring stuff!

The Equisite Corpse Adventure

By Meera Dolasia
The Equisite Corpse Adventure

Equisite Corpse is an old game in which people write a phrase on a sheet of paper, then fold it to reveal only the last few lines and pass it on to a friend, who adds another phrase based on those lines, The game ends when someone finishes the story. Jon Sciezska the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature has taken it to a whole new level by starting a story - and inviting professional writers and illustrators to add a chapter and drawing, every two weeks. Start from the beginning and follow each new mystery as it unfolds - The best part is, nobody knows how it will all end!

Story Starters

By Meera Dolasia
Story Starters

Get those creative writing wheels chugging with the Story Starter from Scholastic. Enter your name, pick your grade and you are ready to go. The 'Wheel of Fortune', will decide what your topic should be and if you don't like it keep spinning, until you do. Decide on whether you are writing a story, letter or simply a postcard and off you go. You can even add drawings and refer to a built-in dictionary for difficult words. The best part is your masterpiece can be saved and printed for all to read!

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