Update on floods in Tabasco, Mexico


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Photo Credit: Huitzil from Villahermosa, México - Vía Méndez Anegada -commons.wikimedia.org

The floodwaters in the Mexican state of Tabasco are finally starting to recede. However, the damage caused by the floods continues to haunt the people of Mexico.

There is still no drinking water, thousands of cattle and other animals have died, and more than 30,000 people are still homeless. About 400 people are estimated to have perished in the floods.

Added to this are mudslides that are burying villages. The village of San Juan Grijalva in the state of Chiapas was destroyed by a landslide on Tuesday. However, the death toll was quite small; less than 20 people are thought to have died. What saved the people? Jittery cattle that started to sense something and ran to higher ground. Many people got out of bed to chase after them and then watched as a mudslide destroyed their homes.

Agriculture is also being affected. The state of Tabasco produces 80 percent of Mexico's cacao - used to make cocoa and chocolate and 40 percent of the country's bananas. The floods occurred right in the middle of the harvest season, completely destroying this year's crop. About 30,000 families depend on agriculture for their livelihood. All in all, a sad situation.

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