Brainbows - See What Your Brain Looks Like


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This may look like modern art, but it actually is the inside of a brain of a genetically engineered mouse.

By combining genetic tricks and fancy proteins, scientists have been able to label hundreds of thousands of individual brain cells with about 90 different shades of color and created a "rainbow" of colors, now dubbed "brainbow".

Watch the video below to see more fascinating pictures and an explanation of "brainbows"

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  • Willow almost 4 years
    OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • cheese_awesome
      cheese_awesomealmost 4 years
      It is cool and all but to is not amazing because they were looking in a poor mouses brain! Do something better in your life, stop global warming, or make littering illegal 🚫 or make trash not exist! All I am saying is I don't like this article and the video because they took apart the brain of a little mouse 🐁.
      • cool kidalmost 4 years
        so much color
        • typarmesean
          typarmeseanabout 4 years
          • Alonabout 4 years
            LOL wach brain games!👍
            • Alizaabout 4 years
              it is interesting.
              • iceskatingqueen
                iceskatingqueenabout 4 years
                • hogwarts101
                  hogwarts101about 4 years
                  not so bad but meh😐😯😉
                  • hogwarts101
                    hogwarts101about 4 years
                    itz ok i guess
                    • ji11720about 4 years