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Last week, we brought you Europe's largest Christmas tree. This week we bring you what has officially been declared by the Guinness Book of World Records as the "World's largest floating Christmas tree."

Standing 27 stories tall, this 450-pound tree features 2.8 million lights and floats on a barge in the middle of a small lake called Lagoa in Rio de Janeiro (South America).

This is the twelfth year the city has put up a floating tree and each year it gets bigger and bigger. Enjoy the video below:


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  • chlooe
    chlooealmost 3 years
    Wow! A floating Christmas tree? That's so creative and awesome!
    • Zachabout 3 years
      wow that is so awesome
      • l. g.about 3 years
        my homework is so done. can i have one.
        • :Pover 3 years
          • Raealmost 4 years
            I want one sooooooo bad
            • P@C BOYabout 4 years
              I love Christmas, and that tree suites it very well
              • Na,kyahalmost 5 years
                • girls ruleabout 5 years
                  How can they make it float!
                  • lil_lil101
                    lil_lil101about 5 years
                    • unknownabout 5 years
                      why cant they have this in cali
                      • chlooe
                        chlooealmost 3 years