Spunky 11-Year-Old Survives Avalanche


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Photo Credit: www.alaskasnow.org

Mark Zilvitis and his father Brian were skiing down a double black diamond slope at The Canyons Ski Resort in Park City, Utah when an avalanche hit them. Both father and son got buried in the deep snow. While Brian was able to pull himself out, there was no sign of Mark.

Brian called for help and within minutes, the Ski Patrol and some volunteers started to scour the region frantically. After about 30 minutes 16-year old Emily Loughlin's pole touched something. The Ski Patrol was alerted, and they were able to dig Mark out.

All Mark remembers is his father screaming 'Avalanche! and then disappearing under a ton of snow. He remembers being under the snow for a little while before he lost consciousness. When he was pulled out, he was unconscious and not breathing. The Ski Patrol immediately administered CPR, which helped revive him and he was rushed to the hospital.

This experience hasn't scared Mark away from the slopes. He loves to ski and is ready to go back as soon as the doctor's let him.


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  • MLE2007over 3 years
    Good for him!!!!
    • Supreme Leader almost 4 years
      Very strange how in the whole wide world survive
      • siennald
        siennaldabout 4 years
        King Kong not happy... XD
        • mastervenessa
          mastervenessaover 4 years
          Keep it up. BRUH!!!
          • Anonymusover 4 years
            It is INCREDIBLE that he survived!!!! I dont think i would ever ski again if that happened to me. But then again, i dont ski so...
            • Anonymousover 4 years
              • BLAHover 4 years
                Concoring his dreams
                • Earth over 4 years
                  Good thing he got out of the snow
                  • Kozmaover 4 years
                    this is true bravery
                    • Hot chick 3over 4 years