Coming soon to supermarkets near you - A smart shopping cart!


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Attention mums and dads! Your grocery shopping time may be cut in half thanks to these new smart carts. Developed by Media Carts using technology provided by Microsoft, these carts are currently being tested in Shop-Rite stores nationwide and are expected to show up at a supermarket near you during the second half of the year.

So what's so great about them? - They recall grocery lists (sent from home) that are automatically arranged in aisle order, provide instant coupons, nutritional values, scan items and also keep a running tab of the bill! They even provide recipes if needed. Best of all there is no waiting at the checkout stand, where the only thing left to do is pay.

The biggest dilemma (problem) for parents will be to figure out what to do with all that extra time they will soon have!

Watch the video to see how the cart is programmed to be so smart.

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  • Unknown over 2 years
    It’s 2019 and there’s still no carts like that.
    • Brittover 2 years
      that is pretty cool i want a shopping cart like that it would make everything easier in shopping.
      • applemango
        applemangoover 2 years
        I would like a shopping cart like that, it would make life easier!
        • bgfvhniiiiiasalmost 3 years
          • cowsrgreat
            cowsrgreatalmost 3 years
            How long will this take?
            • omgalmost 3 years
              i have waited more than 5 years where are they
              • 1234about 3 years
                ha we still have not got thos Lol
                • Omg 😩about 3 years
                  I have been waiting 5 years and we still have the regular shopping carts
                  • imback
                    imbackabout 3 years
                    • 11 years from tover 3 years
                      Ugh I’ve been waiting 11 years