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Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5 (Photo Credit: Tesla Motors Inc. (Tesla Motors Inc.) [Copyrighted free use], via Wikimedia Commons)

It looks like a Porsche drives like a Ferrari and is more environmentally friendly than a Prius. Meet the world's coolest alternative fuel car - The Tesla Roadster.

Designed and made by Tesla Motors, a start-up in San Carlos, CA, the Roadster, which has a 250 horsepower electric engine, has enough power to take on the best sports cars in the market. It can accelerate from 0-60mph in four seconds, half a second faster than the Porsche 911.

However, unlike the other sports cars, the Roadster is a zero emissions vehicle, which means it doesn't pollute the environment at all. Even better, is the cost to run the car - 1to 2 cents a mile, a fraction of what it costs to drive a high-end sports car. The only drawback is that the car has to be re-charged for three and a half hours after every 245 miles.

Tesla Roadster (Photo Credit: Tesla Motors Inc. (Tesla Motors Inc.) [Copyrighted free use], via Wikimedia Commons)

For a car this powerful, the Roadster has an incredibly simple engine. The car is powered by 7,000 lithium-ion batteries, the same cells that are used in laptops and certain cell phones. It has only 12 moving parts, never needs an oil, filter or spark plug change. It has only two gears - one that takes you from 0-65 and the other to 130mph.

The cost of this amazing car? - A cool $100,000 US Dollars. However, judging from the demand, the cost does not seem to be an issue. The first 100 cars, which will be available later this year, are already sold-out and there is a waiting list for the next 100. For those of us who cannot afford this car, Tesla Motors is soon coming out with a four-door Sedan which, will cost about half the price and be as environmentally friendly as the Roadster.

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