Training to be a Veterinarian - at just 10


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Ten-Year old Courtney Oliver knows exactly what she is wants to be when she grows up - A Veterinarian. She is so sure that she has already completed some coursework on the Internet that qualified her to be a registered Veterinarian Assistant.

A Veterinarian Assistant supports a Veterinarian Doctor in their daily tasks. They could include feeding and exercising animals or assisting the doctor in examining the patients. While there is no exam for this qualification, students can receive training on how to follow directions, look after animals, talk to animal owners and to juggle a lot of things at the same time.

Courtney is lucky to have a mentor (teacher) like Dr. Shoemaker, who is a Veterinarian at the South Bay Veterinary Hospital in Olympia, Washington. She allows Courtney to "work" with her once a week at the hospital and says that Courtney is an amazingly smart girl.

We are sure that with all this training and her innate (natural) love for animals and the profession (career), Courtney will one day make a real awesome Veterinarian (requires a four-year college degree plus four years at a Veterinarian School). It just proves that one can never be too young to follow one's dreams!

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