7-Year Old Skater Eyes World Record


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7-year old Aniket Chindak already holds the record of skating under 57 cars no more than 8 inches above the ground, in 45 seconds. Now this resident of Belgaum in Western India, wants to break his own record by skating under 100 cars in record time. While no date has been set yet, it will be sometime early this year.

Aniket started roller-skating when he was 18-months old and has won many medals and trophies for the sport. He got the idea of skating under cars when he saw a girl doing it on TV, about two years ago. It took him three months of practice to get his body in the right position. Since then, it has been smooth sailing or should we say smooth skating!

Aniket is very passionate about the sport and spends four hours a day training, covering over 120 miles a week. While he has always been very flexible, he needed to work hard on his strength and speed to be able to skate under cars. He says the hardest thing is to get his speed right because he is skating under so many cars.

When he grows up, Aniket wants to skate dance, skate sing and play football and hockey skating too. His immediate goal is to set the record for limbo skating so high, that it will be difficult to beat it. Good luck Aniket!

Don't forget to watch the awesome video of this incredible young boy!

Sources: dailymail.co.uk, anorack.com

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    WOW THATS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      is he made of rubber
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        It is like he is made of rubber
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                I could never do that. I can barely even skate by myself.
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                      i can do that