Wisconsin Man's Unusual Mode Of Transport


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We have heard of pumpkins being used to make pies, Jack-O-Lanterns and even a temporary coach to transport Cinderella to the ball, but a canoe? - That is definitely a first.

However, that is the exactly the mode of transportation Wisconsin resident JR Hildebrandt has chosen, for his trek down the Wisconsin River. Hildebrandt who embarked on his eight-day, 150-mile journey on October 9th, is doing this to raise money for a charity that sends kids with special needs on memorable trips, like Disneyland, NASCAR races or even cruises to exotic places like Jamaica .

JR rows during the day and spends the nights on land, with the 'canoe' docked at pre-determined locations.

The pumpkin chosen for this special trip is a 760-pound gourd that JR painstakingly carved, to make room for him, a chair and a little heater. A small board had been placed at the bottom to stabilize the vehicle.

This is not the first time JR has been on a pumpkin canoe. For the past few years, he has been the winner of Wisconsin's Nekoosa Great Pumpkin race, completing the 300-yard course in as little as ten minutes.

While this trek is about 900 times longer than that, JR is confident he will be successful. His only concern? - How smelly the 'canoe' will become in the next few days.

Sources:BBC.com, Telegraph.co.uk

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  • busybee
    busybeeabout 4 years
    unusual! ILoveit!
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        wow that is ssssssooooooooooooooooo weird
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            my school did a state travel fair for my grade and we had to pick one state to study. i picked Wisconsin. so that is why i like this.
            • oceansurfer
              oceansurferover 8 years
              I have seen people who row pumpkins across a lake. they have races where you can do that. I have been in those kind of races before. im going to do one the day before thanksgiving.
              • Nikiky lyaneover 8 years
                That is a pumpkin bout cool
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                  cool fat pumpkin thing
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