Video Of The Week - Nothing Scares This Baby!


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Don't try to scare this cutie - He will just laugh at you.

Even the normally staid Queen of England couldn't help but crack a smile after watching this video of William Nillson from Sweden - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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  • norahs
    norahsover 2 years
    That's so cute and funny my whole class got kick out of it.
    • bekahboo
      bekahbooabout 4 years
      thats o adorable!
      • I like turtlesabout 4 years
        this is so funny
        • whitabout 4 years
          this doesn't make me laugh
          • Miles about 4 years
            I watched this like a million times
            • Miles about 4 years
              This baby is so funny with its laugh and so is the dad
              • nknjkbover 4 years
                omg lol i cant stop smiling
                • fjdjover 4 years
                  that poor kid need some water after laughing so hard!! LOL!
                  • fjdjover 4 years
                    that is super funny!
                    • njnjkenkeover 4 years
                      this baby is so cute i cant help but laught and smile i love it