Bay Area 'Kid' Wins The Cy Young Award


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There is finally some hope for Bay Area baseball fans. On Tuesday, November 11th, 2008, San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum was named the National League Cy Young Award winner, an honor bestowed to the best baseball pitcher in the National League - and this is just his first full year in the major league!

24-year old Lincecum is 5'10'' tall and weighs only 170 pounds - but he dominated the 2008 season for the Giants. With 265 strikeouts and a 2.62 ERA (Earned Run Average), the only category the other contendors for the CY Young Award beat him in, was weight - which averaged 230 pounds!

Lincecum, who won the award by a landslide, garnering 23 of the 32 votes available, is only the second Giant to win baseball's highest pitching honor and the first one in 41 years! Mike McCormick, who retired from Major League Baseball in 1971, won the same honor in 1967. Lincecum is also one of only four baseball players to have won this award in their first season - the other three are Dwight Gooden (NY Mets), Bret Saberhagen (Kansas City Royals) and Fernando Valenzuela (LA Dodgers).

After accepting the award, Lincecum spent the afternoon greeting many young fans, signing countless autographs and slapping high-fives with everyone. The fan on the left even had Tim sign on his forehead. Lincecum in known for reaching out and supporting kids all over the nation. After all, he is practically one himself!

Peace, Love, and Baseball - Bennett Keane


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