Football Player Wins Prestigious Academic Scholarship


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While good football players win sports scholarships frequently, it is extremely rare to find one that wins an academic scholarship. But then Florida State Safety, Myron Rolles has always been extraordinary.

Myron, who arrived at Florida State University from Galloway, NJ has always had a plan. He wanted to complete his degree in three years, play great football and become a doctor. So far, he has not only stuck to his plan, but exceeded it.

He completed his undergraduate studies in 2 1/2 years, with a degree in pre-med and a grade-point average of 3.75 and is a potential first-round NFL pick. If that's not enough, he recently received a $4,000 USD grant for cancer research, started a program to help educate Seminole Indian children in Florida and has written articles for the New York Times.

To cap it all, on Tuesday, this 22-year old who aspires to become a neurosurgeon, won the Rhodes Scholarship, one of the world's most coveted academic post-graduate awards.

The scholarship, awarded to 32 students each year, entails a two-year all expenses paid stint at London's prestigious Oxford University. Rhodes scholars can pick whatever post-graduate studies they wish to pursue and even apply for a one-year extension if needed.

Myron now has only one dilemma - if he is picked to play for the NFL, he will have to decide which one to postpone, but he will definitely do both. After all, he is just sticking to his plan!

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