World's Most Expensive and Most Beautiful Book Arrives In New York


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Earlier this week, the New York library became the proud owner of what has been dubbed, the world's most expensive and beautiful book.

The 62-pound hand-crafted book, which costs $100,000 USD, depicts the life and work of Italian artist, Michelangelo.

The book entitled Michelangelo, La Dotta Mano (the learned hand), is the brainchild of Italian publisher, Marilena Ferrari, who loves books and is concerned that the Internet is killing their identity.

Each book, which takes six months to craft, has a white carved marble cover, obtained from Michelangelo's favorite quarry in Carrara.

The binding is made from handmade red silk velvet and the paper used inside is crafted by Italy's oldest paper mills, frequented by the famous painter, Picasso.

Inside, the book is filled with photographs of Michelangelo's works, which range from sculptures to the famous ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and even his poetry. The text, written by Michelangelo's biographer, also includes an essay on the art by the director of the Vatican Museums, Antonio Paolucci.

While the copy to the library is a donation, 20 copies of this amazing book have already been sold.

The New York library, will place the book on public display from December 1st through December 8th, after which it will be stored with other priceless books in the library's climate-controlled vault.


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        Oh my goodness, that's alot of money! They should've just put it at a museum instead of selling it so that the whole world could enjoy :/
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            i going to get a lot more cash
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              These people are so greedy... :/
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                I like to READ!
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