An Edible Mona Lisa?


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It took 10,000 pieces of pasta, countless hours of painstaking gluing and a huge backache - but the end result looked good enough to eat and almost as good as the original Mona Lisa, that hangs in Musee de Louvre in Paris , France.

Prudence Emma Statie, who created it, spent two weeks searching for different kinds of pasta, including dry fusilli, macaroni and lasagna noodles, which she arranged to capture every line of Mona Lisa's smiling face. The brown, yellow and green shades of pasta almost match the colors of the real painting by Leonard da Vinci.

Ms. Staite, a food artist, said that this was the hardest food creation she had ever made, because she had to glue each piece of dry pasta to a wooden board, which was exhausting. Since she normally works with chocolate, she also found it hard to work with pasta, because it was much drier.

While this creation, called the Mona Lasagne, will not last a lifetime like the Mona Lisa, it is expected to last 20 years. However, if you want to see it in real life, you have to go to Pasta Hut (the new name for Pizza Hut) in London , where it is being displayed. I wish I could go see it!


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  • unknown_user13
    unknown_user13about 1 year
    OH MY GOSH!!!!! Those people who did that should be paid (at least) 35 million dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • squirrel_girl3
      squirrel_girl3over 1 year
      Cool! Sounds delicious! 😋
      • otay
        otayabout 2 years
        oml i would never be able to do that jeez i am not patient lol
        • Alex mhabout 3 years
          its cool have they take the time to put it all together and great good toooooooooo it looks good enough to eat yum!😃
          • Foodabout 5 years
            Want to Eat!! <3<3<3
            • dogos298
              dogos298over 5 years
              that is nice I want a taste
              • I like trainsabout 6 years
                Must Not Eat
                • awesomejalynover 6 years
                  its just edible art
                  • bigmelo
                    bigmeloalmost 8 years
                    Incroyable! Je aime beaucoup lasagne, mais ce est juste de repousser les limites! (Incredible! I like lasagna, but that's just puching the limits!)
                    • squirrel_girl3
                      squirrel_girl3over 1 year
                      You can speak French? Cool! I only know a little bit. I can only say my name ( Je Mappel Hayley) and some small stuff like Au Revoir ,Bonjour, and Merci Beaucoup
                    • p11ethan
                      p11ethanalmost 8 years
                      MUST EAT PERSON!!!