A Great Christmas Tradition


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For most of us buying the right Christmas tree and putting up the ornaments is work enough. Not for the Addis Family however. Their Christmas routine involves creating something special - Lego brick by Lego brick.

And we are not talking puny structures either. For the last sixteen years, Mike Addis and his wife Catherine Weightman, both Lego fanatics, have built huge life-like Christmas-themed models, and this year is no exception.

Built from 250,000 bricks, this years creation is a 7ft high, 5ft-wide, 200lb replica of a church Mr. Addis frequented when he was a child.

The planning for the project began in October, when Mike spent 10 hours drawing up the plans for this magnificent structure. The first brick was laid on October 13th and the project was finally completed 48 days later, on December 1st.

Though Mike and Catherine did the bulk of the construction, spending about 170 hours each, they would have never been able to complete it on time, without help from their three kids, Thomas, Holly and Christopher.

Prior year family projects have included Santa Claus, Snowman, Angel, Santa coming down a chimney, a Sleigh and The Three Kings.

Mike and Catherine estimate that their collection of half a million Lego bricks is worth about $15,000 USD. They add to the collection each year, buying up to $600 USD worth of Lego bricks, largely from Internet auction company EBay.

This years beautiful church will provide the perfect background for the family's Christmas picture, which also serves as a great memory for future years.

That's because come January 6th, the Addis family will start to dismantle the church and carefully store the Lego bricks for the next Christmas project. What a great Christmas tradition!


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