Crinkly The Crook-Necked Swan Returns


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Crinkly, a Bewick swan has become a celebrity at a nature reserve in Gloucestershire , England. Every Winter, visitors flock to see him when he makes his mammoth 3,000-mile journey from the freezing Russian Tundra to the Wildlife and Wetlands Trust, and so far, he hasn't let them down.

Chrinkly first became famous three years ago, when he arrived as a baby with his parents, Lucius and Coletta, his neck deformed, thanks to a birth defect. The conservationists who follow swan migration were not sure if he would be able to survive for too long with the deformity.

However, Crinkly has proved to be quite hardy. He has not only survived, but been able to make the long trip back and forth from the Russian Tundra every year, for the last three years.

While the trip is difficult for all the swans, it is even more so for Crinkly, thanks to his crooked neck, which makes flying less aerodynamic .

His fellow swans seem to recognize his slight handicap and often let him take the lead to the area with the most fish. Now, conservationists are just hoping that one of them will go slightly beyond being just a pal and become his girlfriend.

Last year, there was brief hope when a beautiful lady swan called Taciturn became a little more friendly, but the romance fizzled away quickly. Maybe Crinkly will get lucky this year!

Bewik swans are the smallest of European swans that breed in the Arctic, right across Northern Russia. They have small short necks and rounded heads, but their most recognizable feature is their beak. They all have unique yellow and black patterns, allowing scientists to recognize and track each one of them year after year, as they migrate to England for the winter.


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