Archaeologists Discover Ancient City In Peru


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An ancient city believed to have been inhabited by the Chacahpoya (Cloud People), was recently discovered, amidst the dense Amazon forests. The 12-mile area, estimated to be 1,000 years old was found by local inhabitants who cut through the dense vegetation, after hearing the sound of a waterfall.

The amazingly well-preserved city, which is still covered by dense vegetation, has circular stone houses, some adorned with rock paintings. Near the dwellings, lie platforms, which archaeologists believe were used to grind seeds and plants for food and medicine.

Archaeologists are very thrilled with the discovery of this city, especially since it hasn't been pillaged and they will be able to learn more about this intriguing race that once commanded a vast kingdom, stretching across the Andes Mountains to the border of Peru's Amazon jungle.

The few things known about this civilization of light-skinned, tall and good-looking people has been obtained from materials found from the Inca era, who took over the region from them.

About two years ago, scientists did discover an underground burial place, where they found three mummified bodies, including a baby (see pic), belonging to the Cloud People.

Hopefully with this discovery, they will be able to learn more about this mysterious civilization of ferocious fighters, who were killed by European diseases like small pox and measles.


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