Happy Valentine's Day


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Happy Valentine's Day to all our DOGONews Readers. We hope you all received lots of Valentines from your friends and family and had tons of candy and cupcakes.

While you are having all this fun, don't forget the essence (meaning) of this day, is to let the people you really care about, know how much you love them. So don't forget to say the three magic words that will light up their day - "I Looooooooooooooove You!"

Third-Grader Sona conveys her feelings about love in this very succinct but beautiful poem she wrote for her family for Valentine's Day. Just shows it is the little things in life that matter the most!


Love is my sister kissing me, all four of us in a bed

Or a brightly colored rainbow in the sky

Love is a book full of hearts and sweet-smelling candies

Love is a happy feeling, music in my ears

Love is well, just Love!

Finally, don't forget to watch this Valentine Day special and see what other kids have to say about this day.

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