For Petra, It Was Love At First Sight ........Until Now!


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It all began in May of 2006, when Petra, a beautiful black swan flew into a lake in the Western city of Munster in Germany. This is where she met the "swan" of her dreams - a big white swan-shaped Paddle Boat.

Petra was smitten - she followed her silent and mysterious big friend everywhere and the two spent a very harmonious summer together - with not one argument.

Things got a little difficult when winter rolled around - the boat owner wanted to put the boat away for the season. Local zookeepers tried to introduce Petra to other real white Swans. However, Petra refused to abandon her friend, even when all the other swans flew away for the season.

Not wanting to distress her, both the swan boat and Petra were taken and placed in a pond at the local zoo. The local community even paid for the cost of transporting them. By now, Petra had become a huge celebrity, and the zoo swarmed with reporters and tourists curious to see the lovebirds. However, all the attention did not seem to bother Petra and her friend who happily spent the winter at the zoo. With four other swans also present in the pond, zookeepers were sure that Petra would notice that her white swan was well -- just a tad bit different - however, they were wrong.

The couple spent another whole year together, until this winter. While at the zoo, Petra met a real swan that she just couldn't resist. They are currently rumored to be building a nest together. As for the jilted paddleboat - it's back with its owner in Munster, paddling tourists around! What a great love story!


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