Global warming causes lakes to disappear in Chile


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The disappearing Lake Cachet II (Photo Credit: Glacier

On April 10th, Lake Cachet II in Chile, S.America, dried up overnight. Scientists believe that the whole "disappearing" phenomenon is due to global warming.

Their theory is that melting ice from the Coolia glacier caused the Cachet Lake to swell. The pressure from the extra water was so great that it bore a 5-mile tunnel through the glacier itself. All the water from the Cachet Lake dumped into the nearby Baker River, leaving the Lake bone dry. Last year a similar phenomenon occurred with a glacial lake near the Southern Andes Mountains.

Both the lakes have regained some of their water, but scientists warn that these overnight "disappearances" will continue if we don't do something to reverse global warming trends.

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      Cause and effect
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        cause and effect
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          Cause and affect
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            yes they do need to put water back in it would just be awaist
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