Winners of the DOGONews/Nickelodeon Kids Choice 2008 contest


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Hope you all had fun watching the slimy Nickelodeon Kids Choice 2008 awards on Saturday. We sure did. Now it's time for us to announce the DOGONews contest winners. We were very impressed with your predictions - Most of you got were able to correctly predict three of the six categories.

Without further ado, the winners of the first of many DOGONews contests are.....................

Ist Prize Winner - iPod Shuffle - Kavya D. (9) a third grader from New Canaan, Connecticut. Kavya's tag line - "From DOGONews, I learn about things I didn't know existed and I can surprise my friends". Kavya is a dedicated DOGONews fan, who shares her passion for the site with her friends every chance she gets. She has even taught her class math tricks from DOGONews for her "share" days. According to Kavya's dad, DOGONews is a weekend morning tradition for the entire household! When she is not reading DOGONews, Kavya loves to ride her bike and play the Piano.

2nd Prize Winner - 2 movie tickets - Emma S. (9) a fourth grader from Piedmont, California. Emma's tag line - "I think DOGONews is the best news site for kids because it's interesting yet appropriate". In her spare time Emma likes to do Suduko Puzzles and play piano and of course read DOGONews!

3rd Prize Winner - $10 gift certificate to Baskin Robbins - Edyn J.(9) a third-grader from Mill Valley, California. Edyn's tag line - "DOGONews Rocks because you get to read the news and then see it in live action on videos. DOGO Power! Rock On!" In her spare time Edyn loves to do gymnastics and of course read DOGONews!

A SPECIAL PRIZE for the best tagline submitted goes to Ellie E. (8), a second-grader from Mill Valley, California. Her tagline which we thought was awesome was "DOGONews - World news that doesn't make kids snooze". In her spare time Ellie loves to swim, play outdoors and of course read DOGONews!

Congratulations to all of you ! - We hope you enjoy your prizes and continue to remain our fans.

Lastly we wanted to share with you some of the fun taglines that were submitted:

Sona d (8) - "DOGO rocks because it talks!"

Jack b (8) - "Be smart DOGOonit!"

Zeke S (10) -"Need a muse read DOGONews!"

Thank you all for participating. See you again next year!

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