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Chewing Gum, one of the oldest known candies, has a many attributes - It helps concentration, reduces stress and if sugar-free, is good for your teeth. Best of all, it tastes really good. However, if not disposed off properly after chewing, it is a big nuisance because of its stickiness!

It is estimated that over 600,000 metric tons of gum is manufactured each year and a large portion of it ends up polluting the streets. While a piece of gum costs less than 10cts, removing a chewed piece stuck on a pavement costs between $2-$3 U.S. Dollars!

The problem is so big that some countries like Singapore have banned chewing gum, while others have been mulling about imposing fines for careless disposal.

Now a British Company known as Revolmyer has come up with a solution - a water soluble "Clean Gum", expected to be available for sale by next year. Clean Gum replaces the sticky synthetic latex that is the base of most current gums with a new polymer, which can be easily washed off.

The new gum not only tastes good but also dissolves very easily in rainwater or during street cleaning. If all goes as planned, three flavors will be released next year - mint, fruit and lemon. We are sure City Officials all over the world will be happy to get rid of this "sticky" problem!

Sources:Technology Review, Recycle Media, Telegraph.Com

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  • choldermaster
    choldermasterover 1 year
    I agree about it dissolving in your mouth, but it sounds like a good idea.
    • мальчикover 3 years
      Wouldn't the ¨new¨ gum just dissolve in your mouth sense your saliva is used to break down food and if water can surly your saliva would dissolve it and It'd be a epic fail
      • lolover 3 years
        But why ban it? Like gum is good, and good for hygean i mean some is
        • Tueidifmg de laover 3 years
          So what happens next ???
          • jdjdmjover 3 years
            that cool dont ya think it was awsome guys. JK!
            • amazingstudentover 3 years
              this was an okay story im just glad i can use it for my project
              • supersayinssj10over 3 years
                • ??????over 4 years
                  gum is not 2$-3$ us Dollars it is 1$-10 us dollars
                  • Laryceeover 4 years
                    • ??????over 4 years
                      gum is good and bad its good for eating but sweet thats bad