Pretty Polly - Not Just a Pretty Face!


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Yosuke, a red-tailed African Grey Parrot has become a celebrity of sorts in Japan and for good reason too - When he recently escaped from his cage and got lost he did exactly what his parents had taught him to do - recite his name and full address to people he felt he could trust.

It all began about two weeks ago when Yosuke decided to "explore" the world and flew away. Once out however, he couldn't find his way home again.

He was captured by the police while hanging out on a stranger's ledge, contemplating his next move.The police tried to get him to talk, but Yosuke kept mum. After spending the night with them, he was transferred to an animal clinic, while the police tried to figure out whom he belonged to.

At the clinic, Yosuke's true personality began to shine. He first started by greeting people and singing popular Japanese children's songs to them. Then after ten days, probably pretty homesick, he suddenly introduced himself as Yosuke Nakamure and recited his entire address. While the animal clinic folks were at a little skeptical at first, they decided to check it out as he kept repeating the same information to every person he came across.

Sure enough Yosuke was absolutely right, and was soon re-united with his relieved parents. They said they had been teaching Yosuke his name and address for two years, just in case it was ever needed. Kudos to both, the owners and little Yosuke, who we hope has learnt his lesson and won't try to escape again.

African Grey Parrots, have been often been called 'the perfect mix of beauty and brains' or the "Cadillac of parrots", because of their amazing memory - of not only words, but are also sounds. They are known to imitate microwaves, cars, answering machines and even other birds. In fact researchers have found that these unassuming birds have the brain capacity of an average six-year old human being! So pretty polly is also pretty smart!

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