'Muggle' Creates Hogwarts Castle Using Matchsticks


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In Harry Potter's world, 55-year old Pat Acton is a 'muggle' (human with no magical powers), who happens to be a big fan of the wizard. In honor of the young wizard's series of books, Pat recently created a replica of Potter's Hogwart School, built entirely from matchsticks

Pat, who lives in Gladbrook, Iowa said it took him three years, 602,000 matchsticks and 15 gallons of builders glue to construct the model, complete with turrets, towers and walkways, similar to the 'real' Hogwarts. The model is currently on display at a museum in Majorca, Spain.

Pat, who works as a career and employment counselor, started creating matchstick models in 1977 as a hobby. Over the years, he has built many models and also developed techniques to make his models bigger and more realistic looking. Many of this models have been sold to 'Ripley's Believe it or Not', while others are on display at the Matchstick Marvel museum in Gladbrook, Iowa.

Pat's latest project, expected to be completed in 2009, is Minas Tirith, the City from 'Lord of the Rings'. When completed, it will be his biggest and most detailed model yet, comprising of hundreds of city buildings, topped with the Tree of Gondor and the White Tower of Etchelion - All built entirely from matchsticks!

To check out more pictures of Hogwarts and to view Pat's other creations go to: http://www.matchstickmarvels.com/matchstickmain.html

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