7-Year Old Pianist Makes History


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Unlike most music prodigies who start playing when they are two or three years old, 7-year old Cyril Vinzent did not start learning the piano until he was five years old. However, in this short period of time, this naturally gifted musician has achieved more than most people would, after years of learning.

In the last two years he has passed the Grade 4 piano exam, which would have taken most people at least four years of formal piano training. He was also the youngest student to be admitted to the University of Music and Theatre in Hanover, Germany, where he studied piano for three months.

To top it all, he has recently been admitted to London's, Royal College of Music, one of the world's leading musical institutions. Of course he has made history again, by being the youngest student ever to attend this 125-year old institution.

Cyril loves to play classical music and wants to be a composer when he grows up. However, he also loves to just hang with his friends and watch his favorite soccer team, Liverpool, play.

Source: Daily Mail

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