Greeting Cards that Bloom!


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Instead of wondering whether to keep or toss the birthday or thank you card you just received, you may now be able to grow it. Welcome to the new world of completely recyclable greeting cards that are coming to market. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they also cost about the same as conventional greeting cards.

And it's not just greeting cards that come in plantable form - you can also get note cards and business cards that 'grow'.

Different companies are using different techniques to manufacture their plantable cards. Green Field Paper, a US based company makes its paper from Hemp, a natural material.

In Britain, the 'Plant-It' line of cards is made from recycled paper with soy-based inks and organic pigments that grow into the flowers when planted. The cards have flower seeds inside, which act like mulch, retaining moisture.

No matter how the cards are manufactured, they are all very simple to plant. The card is placed in a pot, kept moist and voila - in about ten days starts to flower. Not only do you get beautiful wild flowers or herbs but also the fact that the card affects not one tree or landfill, makes it even more gratifying. Not to mention the fond memories you will have of the person who sent you the card, every time you see the flowers or eat the herbs.

The cards are available in small bookshops or online at and

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