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Imagine living in a house that rotates on its own - now imagine the same house with 80 floors, all rotating, moving and changing shape constantly. Welcome to the 'Dynamic Tower', a new luxury condominium complex expected to start construction soon in Dubai.

The brainchild of Italian architect David Fischer, the Dynamic Tower, scheduled for completion by 2010, will cost over $700 million USD to build. The tower will house offices, a restaurant and residential condominiums, costing between $3.6mm USD to $36 million USD.

The construction of the tower will be unlike any other condominium project ever. The only thing that will be built on the premises is a central concrete spine or pole. All the condominiums will be built in Italy and shipped to Dubai to be attached to the spine. A wind-turbine, attached under every floor will provide the condominiums power to rotate the full 360 degrees. These along with solar panels on the exterior of the building will also ensure that the tower will not only be able to generate enough power for itself, but also, for surrounding buildings.

Building management will control the 360-degree rotation of each floor, which is expected to take between one to three hours. However, penthouses owners will have full voice-activated control on the rotation of their floor. Also, the building is expected to have 'car' elevators so that residents can park their cars in their homes should they wish to.

Though construction of the first tower hasn't even begun, Mr. Fischer is already planning a second tower in Moscow, which he hopes to complete by 2011 and a third one in New York City soon after. If Mr. Fischer's vision comes true, these should be some spectacular buildings!,,

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      i learnd building could as big as it can
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          I learnt that buildings can be in any shapes.
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