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Catherine Banner started writing the outline of her book when she was just 14-years old. Five years later, this 19-year old has not one but a trilogy (series of three books) in the works and there is already talk of a film version. Her first book, 'The Eyes of a King', hit bookstores earlier this week.

Catherine, who lives with her parents in Cambridge, England, has always loved reading and writing stories. She recalls stapling together papers and creating 'books' with pictures and stories when she was really young.

As she grew older, she continued to write short stories after school. Then at the age of 14, inspired by 'The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe', she got the idea for her book. She started writing her ideas whenever she had the time, sometimes even while sitting in class at school. Soon, the ideas evolved into a magical tale set in two parallel worlds - England and an imaginary land called Malonia.

At sixteen, she was fortunate enough to meet a literary agent who was interested in seeing what she had written. To her surprise, the agent found a publisher who loved the book and agreed to publish it. In fact her publisher thinks she may have found the next J.K. Rowling!

Catherine is now keeping her fingers crossed that kids love the book as much as she and her publisher do. She has already completed the second of the three books and is about to embark on the third.

Catherine, a straight 'A' student who will attend Cambridge University later this year for a degree in English, says that she will continue writing after this trilogy, but about something else. Below is a sneak preview of 'The Eyes of A King'.

THE EYES OF A KING, By Catherine Banner

The story begins with 15-year old Leo who does not have much to look forward to. He attends military school and lives with a grandmother he fears, in the country of Malonia. He has magical powers that he is afraid to use, because the rulers of Malonia would frown upon them.

Then one day, he finds a mysterious blank book in the snow that changes his life. As soon as he touches the book, he knows there is something special about it. As he opens it, he starts to 'see' different stories in the blank pages. In those, he meets two teenagers, Ryan and Anna, who live in a totally different world called England. While initially, Leo uses the book to get away from his boring life, he soon becomes so involved with the stories that they become part of his life - and slowly he, Ryan and Anna become part of the same world.

Think this is something you may like? - Click on the link from below and buy the book now.

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  • ravenwing
    ravenwingabout 1 year
    Another J.K. Rowling would be amazing! I've only read some of her books but they were AMAZING
    • x_goddess_x
      x_goddess_xover 1 year
      shes so good!
      • reeseismyname
        reeseismynamealmost 2 years
        J.k Rowling is not replaceable! But this girl probably has talent... I will definitely read the book!!
        • unknown_user13
          unknown_user13about 1 year
          I agree (also I was the first to like our comment)! J.K. Rowling is a FANTASTIC AUTHOR and I don't she should be REPLACEABLE!!!
        • roxanne3
          roxanne3almost 2 years
          This is cool!!! I searched her on Google and she is now 31, and a professional British writer!!! That's awesome!!
          • kotlcfitzphie12
            kotlcfitzphie12almost 2 years
            Wow, I'll have to read that book.
            • bsc
              bscalmost 2 years
              • GRYFFINDOR!!!almost 4 years
                No one's the next J.K Rowling!! No one can take her place. She is amazing!! And she's just going to be J.K Rowling forever!!!
                • Evan DIckersonabout 5 years
                  • iheartnutella
                    iheartnutellaalmost 6 years
                    SO COOOOOOLLLLLL!
                    • lemonade11
                      lemonade11almost 6 years
                      This looks like a really good book and I will have to look into it. Very inspiring and I love J.k. Rowling!! If anyone has any books that they think are getting published and are new,I would love for you to tell me and comment below!